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Sanshui Production Base Meets Its “Peak”!

The building of the Sanshui production base of Guangdong Baihe Medical Devices Group has finished its top in August. Under the rapid development of Guangdong Baihe Medical Devices Group, the infrastructure construction of Sanshui production base has also entered acrucial stage. In the future, there will be three medical consumables companies in Sanshui production base, including Dihua Technology, Hankang Medical Equipment and United Medical Technologies.

Sanshui production base will be equipped with complete medical sterilization equipment, 100,000/300,000-class clean workshops, electronic and electrical equipment production workshop, 100,000-class injection molding workshops, etc. It will vigorously carry out research and development and production of metal products and medical consumables, laying a solid foundation for “100-year Baihe”, improving the comprehensive competitiveness of the group, and further promoting the realization of the grand goal of "100-year Baihe, 10-billion Baihe"!


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