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[News] President Li Ming praised Tsinghua-Foshan Joint Harvest

The third "Foshan Enterprises Entering Tsinghua University" event was held in Beijing on June 16. The first (2019) Tsinghua University-Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum was jointly organized by Tsinghua University and the Foshan Municipal Government. Several academicians and professors from Tsinghua University brought a feast of ideas on how to innovate Chinese manufacturing industry for Foshan enterprises. More than 60 entrepreneurs from Foshan, including President Li Ming of Baihe Medical, attended the conference and visited many research institutes of Tsinghua University. They praised the new mode of cooperation between government, industry, education and research in Foshan.

Photograph of participants

Tsinghua University has profound attainments in academic research on intelligent manufacturing. Foshan has obvious advantages in intelligent manufacturing equipment, and the transformation of industrial intelligence is in the forefront of the country. This event has set up a good exchange platform between city and university. Tsinghua University and Foshan have created a new mode of school-city cooperation, narrowing the distance between Tsinghua University and Foshan, which will better serve the economic development of Foshan region.

The 1st (2019) Tsinghua University-Foshan Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum was held in Tsinghua University

During the two days, entrepreneurs including President Li Ming visited more than 10 key laboratories, research centers and "Innovation+" innovation and entrepreneurship bases of Tsinghua University, as well as Huawei Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center and the History Museum of Tsinghua University. Researchers from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management also gave a lecture on “Innovative Thinking and Scientific Decision-making” to Foshan entrepreneurs, bringing a feast on how to innovate in China's manufacturing industry.

In addition, representatives of entrepreneurs from Foshan held a round-table dialogue with scholars from Tsinghua University. President Li Ming of Baihe Medical believed that Foshan had done a good job in school-enterprise cooperation, and its policies were very targeted, which has built a bridge for the cooperation between enterprises and Tsinghua University. In this trip, he pays special attention to the field of medicine and looks forward to further cooperation with Tsinghua University in the future. President Li Ming benefited a lot from a series of activities, and praised the new mode of cooperation.

Through this activity, Foshan enterprises and Tsinghua University have built a bridge of cooperation, where both of them will have great opportunities for cooperation. The establishment of Tsinghua Foshan Research Institute will inject strong impetus into the development of Foshan enterprises. As a high-tech enterprise in Foshan, the great development of Baihe Medical is expected in the future.


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