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Baihe’s 2nd & 3rd Batches of Supplies Reached Epidemic Area

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia spread like a storm. It is a national trend to prevent and control infection and fight against the epidemic. The war has entered a critical period! The angel in white and the "rebel" who are fighting in the front line stand up and guard our peace with their lives. Pay homage to the soldiers in white!

Baihe Medical paid close attention to the development of front-line epidemic, actively implemented social responsibility, and carried forward the great entrepreneurial spirit. Under the situation of the shortage of medical materials across the country, we have built a wall to fight against the epidemic with responsibility, which once again provides a logistical support for the staff fighting against the "epidemic".

At present, the second and third batches of supplies with a total value of nearly one million from Baihe Medical have been sent out in an urgent manner. This time, the anti-epidemic supplies have been sent to 21 designated hospitals and relevant departments in the epidemic area. Baihe Medical has proved that the “angel in white” and those "rebels" who are fighting against the "epidemic" are not "alone". We are always with you. Let’s fight the "epidemic" and overcome the difficulties together!

There is no mountain that cannot be turned over with all the people of one mind, and there is no ridge that cannot be crossed with them! We will surely win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic, and the sun will eventually dispel the haze.


Guangdong Baihe Medical Technology Co., Ltd.