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4 Products of Baihe Won Awards in "Governor’s Cup" Competition

The results of the 10th "Governor's Cup" IndustrialDesign Competition in Guangdong with the theme of "Design Enabling Industry" have been published. Among them, Baihe Medical’s "Closed Stab-proof Type Intravenous Cannula", "Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar", the subsidiary company of United Medical Technologies’s "Minimally Invasive Fascia Closure Device" and Hankang Medical’s "Coupling Agent Heater" won the excellent award of product design group in the competition.

Hosted by People's Government of Guangdong Province and supported by China Industrial Design Association, the "Governor's Cup" is the most influential industrial design event in the Guangdong Province. The awards of this competition mean that the product industrial design ability of Baihe Medical and its subsidiaries has been recognized.

Since its establishment, Baihe Medical has focused onthe R & D and manufacturing of various medical device products, and hasformed infusion management consumables, blood purification consumables, nursing wound dressing consumables and other fields. Relying on the technical advantages of the above fields and rich reserves of more than 60 products, it has become a comprehensive solution provider of disposable medical consumablesin the above fields.

In the future, Baihe Medical will continue to increase technology investment, strengthen core competitiveness, and continue to promote industrial technology upgrading, promote the transformation and industrial application of industrial design achievements, and make positive contributions to the high quality of manufacturing industry in Nanhai District.


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