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Endotracheal Tube

Disposable Endotracheal Tube is single-use for tracheal intubation and anesthesia for medical departments in clinical emergency. It can provide the best conditions for airway patency, simultaneous oxygen supply, respiratory tract suction and prevent accidental aspiration. The retention time is not more than 48 hours.

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It is inserted into the patient's trachea through the oral cavity or nasal cavity during carrying out tracheal intubation and anesthesia.

1. The bevel of patient end is standard angle and is melted smoothly without burr.
2. The border of Murphy eye is smooth and without sharp angle.
3. The cuff is soft, long and wide. The feature of high volume and low pressure can reduce the trauma to mucosa.
4. The connection between cuff and main tube is smooth and without sharp angle, the chance of trauma to mucosa can be reduced during the insertion.
5. The tube is made from thermosensitive material, it will become soft after being inserted into the trachea without trauma to trachea. The hardness and elasticity of tube is moderate, thus, tube is uneasy to be bended.

The product includes common type (without or with sac) and enhanced type (without or with sac).


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