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The ABLE® Disposable Stopcocks are made of medical grade polycarbonate, polyurethane and high-density polyethylene. It consists of the base, rotary core, lock fittings, protection cap and multiply-connected plates.

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The Stopcock is intended for single use of clinical infusion therapy, for changing the infusion direction, extending the infusion pipeline and (or) pressure monitoring.

1. Clarity appearance for easy to observe exhaust and increase security of infuse.
2. Easiness for use and rotatable arrow indicate the flow direction.
3. Not produce vortex and reduce thrombus.
4. Excellent pressure resistance and solution compatibility.
5. CE certified.

There are three different kinds of disposable stopcocks
1. Three-way stopcock
2. Stopcock with Extension tube
3. Stopcocks with multiply-connected plate


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